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SociCake Review – Should You buy it or not?


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SociCake Review – What is Soci Cake?

New  Facebook marketing software bundle with10 tools to 10x your engagement,

traffic, leads and sales from Facebook.


Product Name:SociCake
Vendor Name:Mariobrown
Product Type:Web-Based software
Launch Date and Time :2019-Jan-5
Front-End Price:$33
Customer SupportYes
Skill Required:No Skill Required
Gurantee 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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About The Creator Of SociCake – Mario Brown

Mario Brown is one of top vendor and product creator on JVZoo and W+, he and his team always launch brand high quality, and helpful softwares and Tools  he also launch some MMO courses and teach people How to drive traffic and also start their own online business. One of his great software is Videlligence that already help lot of people to optimize video ads. Now he and his team launch this brand new software called SociCake, this software will help Many of business owner to maximize the power of Facebook marketing

socicake review

SociCake Review – Feature

Like I aforementioned before FB Soci Cake is that the most complete Facebook marketing tools in one dashboard. With this software system you’ll be able to maximize Facebook marketing ,without using lot of different Tools Below is that the complete ten feature within FB SociCake
  • 1-Soci cake Feature : Messenger Bot
    With this feature you can create bots for your messenger so you can create automation for your pages, and you can drive traffic 24/7 from messenger.
  • 2-Soci cake Feature : Broadcasting Feature
    With this tool you can broadcast your message and blast promotional message accross your pages and multiple Facebook account in one dashboard. You can also use this feature to follow up your Fanpage likers.
  • 3-Soci cake Feature : Comment Bot
    With this feature you can setup the automated response on your post, so the bot will reply to everyone who comments on your facebook post. You can also setup response by keywords and phrases.
  • 4-Soci cake Feature : Facebook Ads Designer
    This is my favorite feature, with this feature you can design Facebook post, timeline, Facebook ads and much more without need any design skills. You don’t need to learn how to make a good design, with this feature you can create eye-catching Facebook Ads design to increase your Ads CTR. You can get instant access to 1,423 high quality design templates, and more than 7 million stock design assets.
  • 5-Socicake Feature : Post Editor
    With this feature you can make bold, underline, italics, strikout and even emojis to your Facebook post, this tool can increase people attention.
  • 6-Soci cake Feature : Post Manager
    With this feature you can manage all your post, you can schedule link, post, image post, video post and even call to action across multiple Facebook Pages and account.
  • 7-Socicake Feature : Create Clickable Images
    With this feature you can create clickable images that redirects to your website when clicked. You can create schedule and unlimited clickable images to drive web traffic.
  • 8-Socicake Tool : Facebook Fan Inviter
    With this feature you can increase your Facebook Fanpage likers
  • 9-Socicake Tool : Optin Link
    With this feature you can create links that capture the name and email address of those that click on it without a landing page or opt-in form.
  • 10-Socicake Feature : FB Livecast
    With this software you can upload a pre-recorded video and make it like live broadcast on your timeline and even you can make it broadcast as live on multiple facebook accounts in one dashboard.
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SociCake Review – The Benefits,

The good thing about this software package is you’ll be able to maximize your Facebook marketing, as a result of this software package is all in one Facebook marketing tools, you’ll be able to create chat bot, comment bot, Facebook livecast video, even for design your Facebook Ads banner. you’ll be able to do all of Facebook marketing tools in one dashboard. so with Soci Cake you’ll be able to save hundreds of cash, because no need to buy ton of Facebook marketing tools, this is often the most complete Facebook marketing tools you can get.

SociCake Review – Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of SociCake:

All in one Facebook marketing tools in one dashboard

Complete with Facebook Ads banner design, go with thousand of templates
One time price
Very low price
Chat bot and additionally comment bot
Setup pre-recorded video to livecast Facebook video
Disadvantages of Socicake:

Not yet found the disadvantages


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SociCake Review Conclusion

Thank you for reading my Soci Cake review, this product is the most complete Facebook Marketing tool. You will get all you need for your Facebook Marketing campaign. From bot, livecasting, designer and many more. And the best part is the price is low and you can get this software with one time payment. For more details please click button below, if you have any questions feel free leave comment below. Hope this review helpful, and help you to make right desicion. Thanks!