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hi mystery recapped here today I am going to Ultimate Lead Magnet Formula OTO explain a French comedy film called serial teachers spoilers ahead watch out and take care [Music] in a school in France 86 percent of students have successfully graduated this year which is the highest record of all time they run around and dance hopeful for a thriving college life ahead meanwhile in Jules Ferry High School the environment is Ultimate Lead Magnet Formula OTO the exact opposite the news channels report it as the least ranked High School of the year with only a 12 pass rate the academy inspector Deputy inspector and the principal are in a meeting





discussing the student’s poor performance they have employed the best teachers in the city and the students aren’t dumbasses either which makes it difficult for them to understand the cause of failure if the pass rate doesn’t rise up to at least 50 percent this year the sponsors will stop funding the school and it will have to be closed to avoid this they come up with a new strategy that no one has ever tried before they want to appoint the worst teachers in the country since the best ones didn’t give them the results they wanted they are hopeful the worst ones will make a difference that logic checks out then we are introduced to the said worst teachers first is the aggressive English teacher Miss Gladys she is great at what she does only a little too violent towards the dumb students then there is the lazy math teacher kutiro he is so slow that when he goes fishing the fishes pull him into the water the sports teacher Eric uses anything heavy to lift and anything flat as a frisbee fourth is the chemistry teacher Albert his experiments are life-threatening and so are his classes Maurice is the teacher of philosophy who says things in riddles and makes them more complicated than they really are Amina is the French teacher the hottest one in the lot students love her class because of her excellent teaching methods but mostly because of the revealing clothes then there is polachon the history teacher he is shy and chaotic definitely the one who used to be bullied in high school the team of losers enters the school together catching everyone’s attention Gladys takes the first class and starts hitting the kids with pieces of chalk instantly she seems to enjoy bullying them more than teaching them one of the students is nectarine the usual teacher’s pet and the only one who studies she skipped the grade last year because of her amazing grades and doesn’t forget to mention it every chance she gets then we are introduced to the class clown who is always late bouyard he enters the classroom and instantly becomes a victim of gladys’s assault the entire classroom is stunned by her unique but mostly frightening personality the next class is kateros being the lazy man he is he comes 20 minutes late and takes an extra 10 minutes to write his name on the board then he takes a smoke break and stays outside until the period ends the history teacher polachon enters the wrong classroom and finds the German teacher in the front he mistakes her for a student and asks her to join the others the teacher tries explaining but polachon doesn’t listen after awkwardly fidgeting with papers and talking about Napoleon for a few minutes he is told he is in the wrong class he apologizes before rushing out at lunch break polachon and the German teacher share glances indicating the start of a romantic relationship during gym class the sports teacher makes the students climb trees without any safety measures when they hurt themselves he dismisses it as one of many problems they will face in life then it’s time for the student’s favorite Miss amina’s class the guys look at her for the first time and forget to blank when she brings them out of their heads all of them fall down without missing a beat bouillard arrives a bit late but has the same reaction in the philosophy period the teacher puts his coat over a guy’s head and calls him a talking coat hanger he explains how a hanger cannot talk for the entire period lastly in chemistry class Albert mixes some chemicals but because of a slight mistake in measurement the entire class is covered in Fizz after school polachon approaches the French teacher and apologizes for his mistake he also picks her up in a hug unaware of proper etiquette have they never touched a woman in his life the seven losers teach the students for a week which is the most chaotic week in the history of Jules Ferry by the weekend parents arrive with complaints like the chemistry teacher burning someone’s bag and the sports teacher sending students home with a different broken bone every day it is the last straw for the principal before calling the academy Deputy inspector but the man couldn’t care less how he handles the situation he was the one who pitched the idea of worst teachers but his dismissal of the situation makes the principal think he had an ulterior motive behind it the next day the principle takes matters into his own hands and tries his best to mold the teacher to his ways first he glues the pieces of chalk onto the table so Gladys won’t be able to hit the students when she resorts to the duster instead the string attached to it hits her back in the face then when it is katero’s class he brings out a picnic chair to rest on it as usual but this time a short circuit causes a small explosion making him jump when he decides to end the class early the principal pretends to be the clock on the wall and reminds him of the time polachon’s problem is that he cannot stop talking about Napoleon so the principle interrupts the class with a PowerPoint presentation on the topic he is supposed to teach for the chemistry period he locks all the chemicals except for water so that no more explosions take place also presumably so that the students learn nothing to get rid of amina’s revealing clothes the radiator is broken and everyone has to wear layers of clothing in the meantime polachon is still attempting to impress the German teacher he asks his colleagues for help who suggest he act tough whenever she is near polachon takes the suggestion seriously and pretends to be a typical bad boy after school he shows off his non-existent muscles and asks her out on a date however he realizes he is doing something wrong when she refuses it is finally the end of the term the teachers have been depressed lately because of all the restrictions they have been put through so when the deputy inspector comes for an inspection they complain about all their problems he sees a pattern that the principal is too invested in the teacher’s way of working hence he gives them the absolute right to their classes now that the group can do whatever they want they do not hold back polachon teaches about Napoleon while cosplaying as him while a lazy katiro rests on a hammock for the entire class in one of gladys’s classes booyard pulls on nectarine’s hair making her whine as a solution Gladys chops off her ponytail since she has the right to do whatever she wants in class the principal cannot do anything about it the chemistry teacher takes the most advantage of the freedom his experiments go from absurd to life-threatening almost every class ends up in some kind of explosion the philosophy teacher makes his pupils walk around naked to teach them about nature in its deepest form these teachers should all go to jail by now the school has caught the neighborhood kids attention they hear stories about a hot teacher explosive classes and classes where they can get naked in a few weeks people start to break into the school to attend it the attendance percentage goes up a hundred and twenty percent the school turns into a club and the teachers become celebrities among the newcomers meanwhile polachon is still trying his best to impress the German teacher this time he attempts to sweep her off her feet by pretending to be a prince on a horse the plan fails though when the horse runs away as the final term nears the extra students are refrained from coming to school the others take a mock test to prepare for the finals however the results show that the pass rate has dropped from 12 to 3 percent the teachers do not know what to think of it the principal is also shocked that the pass rate could go any lower he meets the deputy inspector and tells him that his plan is not working it is then revealed that the man never wanted it to work he wants to get the pass rate as low as possible so the academy inspector would be fired and he could take over the position he knew the new teachers would fail which is why he appointed them polachon overhears the conversation and runs to his colleagues to tell them after finding out they are France’s worst teachers the group is determined to prove otherwise polachon gets the idea to steal the exam papers the others join in and they start making an elaborate plan to do so they even practice dodging bullets in case they are caught then the execution day finally arrives the group joins a crowd protesting outside the ministry when the police chase the crowd away Gladys lies down on the road and goes unnoticed then while Gladys and katira wait outside the others barge into the ministry Amina distracts the guards with her beauty letting the group enter the building and into the protected room but an unpredicted problem arises when the safe has a lock that needs a six-digit code to be opened suddenly Kotero walks in proving that they didn’t have to do all the work to get inside together they assume the code must be the day the minister won the election which turns out to be true in the following scene the students are asked to take a second mock test the group hints at how important the questions are and starts the test however they find out that they accidentally stole the Middle School exam papers still the students appreciate the effort they made with only two weeks left for the finals everyone loses hope polachon goes to the principal with his resignation letter knowing that nothing he does will help the students know as he is leaving the school premises the German teacher expresses how disappointed she is in him for running away like a coward her comment makes him realize he is not ready to give up yet he motivates the students and the teachers citing Napoleon and convinces them to study hard for the next two weeks starting that day the philosophy teacher drinks before teaching so the students understand what he is saying Gladys allows them to wear helmets so they won’t be hurt when she throws pieces of chalk at them and the sports teacher trains them harder than ever three weeks later the results are published to everyone’s surprise the students show the biggest rise in pass rate but it only reaches 49 percent this means the teachers are unsuccessful and the school won’t be in operation anymore the deputy inspector celebrates his win by drinking in front of his boss and revealing it was his plan all along what an idiot just as everything is going downhill the principal receives a letter that changes everything because of booyard’s repeated bad performance in school he is expelled one less failure means that the pass rate Rises to 50 percent all thanks to booyard’s stupidity everyone celebrates the win and treats him like a prince after that as per the agreement the teachers are allowed to transfer to any school they want but they all decide to remain in Jules Ferris for the half of the students who didn’t pass somewhere else the deputy inspector is riding a boat on a river filled with crocodiles it turns out he was transferred to a rural Village by his boss in the last scene we see the German teacher before they click a group picture for the yearbook subscribe for more videos like this turn on notifications and leave a like to help the channel out thank you for watching

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