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Someone has said well. “Money is not PixaAi OTO everything, but nothing except money.” “Money is not god, but the younger brother of god.” “Money is not happiness, but a medium to buy happiness.” And in this video, I am going to talk about how you will earn money in 2023. I PixaAi OTO receive a lot of comments from people asking “Umer, we are unable to earn money.” “We have seen videos of different YouTubers,” “but we are unable to find a way to earn money.” If you watch this video till the end, I can guarantee you that you will start earning money within the next 90 days.





And that money will be on automation. You will have to work just once you will benefit from it every month. You must be wondering, “Umer, how? How can we do it? Are you kidding?” Firstly, let me show you the proof to build trust that this will work for sure. For that, I’ll simply go to my mobile phone. You can see that I have turned on the screen recording. I will simply go to Chrome. On Chrome, you can see that I am in a program where I have earned more than 3 lacs. I have been paid more than 3 lakhs. Currently, 17000 is due. This earning is not mine. One of my students earned this. He did a small task and earned this much money. I will tell you what’s that. Not only this, you can see that I am on a different platform on which I have earned around $5000. $5000 is a dream for a lot of people.

But I am able to earn it just by uploading a YouTube video without Adsense, any blog, or sponsorships. Not only I am doing this. Many other people are doing the same. Let me show you that so that you can understand how much profit you will make if you do this. Whether your business will make money for you or not, let me show that to you. It’s working for me. Will it work for you or not? As you can see on your screen, this YouTube channel has 131 subscribers. But they have generated a revenue of around 20 lakh and earned 2 lakhs. Yes, you heard it right. They have earned 2-3 lakhs of profit. This is not the only example. If I show you another example, there is a person named Indrajeet Singh Ranawat. You won’t believe he has just 408 subscribers but earned Rs. 1.5 lakhs without using Adsense. Listen to this carefully so that you can understand it.

If you don’t understand it, do tell me by commenting. I will definitely help you. First thing, this is an affiliate marketing model. First of all, understand what’s affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is all about promoting others’ products. Let me explain it to you with an example. This is an iPhone. If Apple wants to sell this iPhone 14 Pro, it will have to pay for the marketing cost to sell it. A lot of big startups that are growing… Let’s take Byju’s as an example. It’s a loss-making company right now. They don’t have much profit and the main reason behind it is that their marketing cost is more than their earnings. What’s marketing? The product you have developed… If you watch Shark Tank India, you must know that people are making so many products. They want to market their products and make them reach people. When it will reach people and they will buy it, then only they will earn profit and run their company and then only the economy will be run, because the economy runs by selling.

Let’s refer to the example of Apple again. If Apple wants to sell this phone and $1000 is the price of this phone, then it will have to spend $200-$300 on marketing. But what if Apple says, “Umer, you promote and sell this.” “When you will sell 1 quantity, you will receive a percentage of the price.” “The price is $1000, suppose if you sell 1 quantity of it, you will get 50% of the price.” If the price is $1000, I will get $500 for each purchase, which is around Rs.35000. The affiliate marketing model is the best if you compare it with the other ways because you need no investment in it. If you are doing blogging, dropshipping, or anything, you will have to invest money. But in this, you will not have to invest money. You can do it using a mobile, laptop, or anything. This was a brief introduction to affiliate marketing. But, what’s our job in this? We have to promote the products. Why do we have to sell them? Using our YouTube channel. YouTube is a platform where billions of users are active on a daily basis.

The most active users are on YouTube after Google. So, this is the best social media platform where we can promote others’ products and earn money. And all those whose example I gave you have earned using this method. Doing the same, I have earned in 2019, 2020, and 2021 through affiliate marketing. If I show you an example, see here, from this platform, I have earned $3500 till now. I have not done any hard work for this. I have worked just once. I uploaded a video which you can see here. This video was a review of this product. “Umer, we don’t know what’s a review.” I am explaining again.

Listen carefully. A YouTube channel is a great medium. What content you upload on your YouTube channel matters the most. As I said, there are so many products and industries. You will get different products of your choice. But marketing them is the most important. To market them, you need to create review content. Review content is what Technical Guruji does. He does reviews and unboxings. What he does is review content. You have to explain the product and its features so that the user gets convinced to buy it. This is review content. You must also be watching so much review content. If you want to buy something online, you watch reviews. When iPhone 14 was launched, you were watching videos of it. You were watching videos only. Creators get paid for uploading these videos. I don’t know if the brand pays them or not. But no matter how big the creator is, they put a link in the description from where you can purchase the product. You will get it in their description. When you click on that link and buy the product, they get benefitted. And now you will follow the same business model.

You don’t need to be a superstar for this. You don’t need crores of subscribers. Even if you have 100 subscribers, you can make money. I can guarantee this. This is something that I have done myself. If you know, Sideground is a hosting. I used to promote it. I didn’t have this channel in 2019-2020. But I owned an English channel on which I used to upload videos about Sideground. I will put a picture of it here. That video is currently private.

If you want, I will put its link in the description. I have earned around $3000-$5000 just by uploading review videos. I know that you must have understood till here. Now you want me to give you a roadmap. I’ll explain the roadmap easily. There are some steps. There are 5 steps in the formula. The first step if you want to start a YouTube channel on which you will upload reviews, first of all, decide your niche, which means what you are going to talk about on your YouTube channel.

There is money in every niche. Niche means the topic. For example, technology is a niche in which people create videos. So decide the best niche for you. If you want me to tell some of the best niches, I have only a few niches in which if you work, you will earn through affiliate marketing, you will also earn through sponsorships later and you will also earn through Adsense. What are those niches? Write down. Technology, digital marketing, blogging, software, business, investing, makeup, fashion, and kids’ toys. After hearing the list, you must be doubting if kids’ toys will make money. Actually, it will make so much money. Let me tell you the reason. Ryan Kazi is the biggest YouTuber who is very famous in the kids category. Your mind will be blown after knowing how much he earns every year.

He earns around $3 million. $1 million is worth more than Rs. 8 crores. That kid is earning more than Rs. 24 crores every year. That too in an industry in which you were thinking that there is no money. You can choose any of these industries. Whatever resonates with you, whatever you think you can talk about, or what you are confident in,… If you want, you can also try all niches one by one. But you will waste a lot of time doing that. But you can choose a niche and work hard in it. Let me take my own example. Let’s suppose blogging is my niche. The second step is creating a YouTube channel. Creating a YouTube channel is very simple. First of all, you have to choose a name for your YouTube channel because that is what people will search later.

If your subscribers grow, they will search about you. You will have to search for it. Let me tell you a very easy technique to do so. Have you heard about ChatGPT? Go to ChatGPT and search for it there and you will get very good names according to your niche. As you can see on the screen, I asked it to recommend the best YouTube channel name under two words for niche blogging.

It started providing me with so many variations. As you can see, Blogger Corner, Pro Blogging, Niche Genius, Blogger’s Heaven, Blogger’s Lab. I can actually choose any one of them and start my own channel. After deciding the name of the channel, I will create a logo for which I will go to Canva. Canva can create a logo easily. Even if you don’t want to do this and your name instead, it works well.

You can also use your name. I started my YouTube channel with my own name. There are so many people who started with their name only and have grown exponentially. So you don’t need a unique name. You can also start with your own name. It will build your personal brand. We have completed the 2nd step. Now, let’s move on to the 3rd step. The 5th step is going to be a goldmine. Make sure you don’t miss it.

The second step is to find products that you want to promote. Look, you can find different products for an industry simply search these two keywords affiliate programs Let’s suppose your niche is technology or blogging or affiliate marketing You will get products and articles that you can promote but if I tell you that you will not get anything for some niche then I will give you clarity. First of all, if you want to work in software, then you will not get the product, if you want to find the products in the software industry , then go to Appsumo, Pitch ground, Jvzoo, Clickbank, Warriorplus. These are five websites where you go, you will get good products that you can promote. and the first channel I showed They used to promote Appsumo and Pitchground’s products And you won’t believe it, they have earned so much. Actually, when I talked to them, they told me that we have earned by putting videos on the YouTube channel. Let’s discuss other niches too like fashion and kid toys.

For this, Amazon and Flipkart are the best marketplaces where you can actually go and see very different products First of all, I’ll give a glimpse of how are people doing in the industry? Here you see a YouTuber named Zahid Akhtar, who basically makes different videos, reviews products and creates best content Like best watches and perfumes. They review different products. so what do a lot of people do? They review a video as I do, but many people also do this, they review many products in one video and we say that we let’s watch the video to understand how to promote. Let’s look here, he has done a promotion of Dabur Gulabri whose best buying link has been put in the description. It means they’re an affiliate of Amazon. So, in fashion industry, Amazon is the best. If you want to go to beauty, then it is best for it too. For kid’s toys, you can take Amazon and Flipkart products.

The best example of that is Chatpat toy TV which reviews kids’ toys. If you go here, they have recently uploaded a video, about something vs car some car comparison is done You’ll get to see the affiliate links in description too. Their subscribers are also million and 1 lakh views per month on each of their videos, if you take even one percent that people buy by clicking, then you can see how big money they are earning and revenue from Adsense is different. I’m sure you’ve understood that. Now, we move towards the fourth step, which is how to make a video because we do not want to show our face and If someone wants to show the face, then it can actually make a video.

But if we do not want to show our face, then in what way should we do it? I’ll give you a solution about this too. The first thing I said in the beginning was that we are going to use the AI tool, so now we can also create video AI, but there are some industries like fashion, toys as well as technology, you have to show your face but In everything else, if you want, you can also do screen recording which means you are telling about a tool or You’re in investing niche, you can make a video about Upstox and show it from your mobile. But if you do not want to do that, then there is a solution for that too, AI.

I’ll tell you how to do that but what strategy to keep? I’ll tell that first. If you want to take your YouTube channel In the long term, you should post 80% informational content and 20% reviews. But if you want to play for the short term in software industry, review video is best for you. Let’s move to making content. The first rule of making what we have learned from Algrow It’s the script. If you do not know the script, then you are going to mess it up. Let’s talk about how scripting is done. Scripting has a major role in the type Of videos I make.

Educational videos are consumed less than entertainment videos. So, we’ve to make it so interesting to engage audience. 3 things in my content that can be beneficial for you. First, you’ve to keep the audience hooked within the first 30 seconds. These days, people’s attention span is very less. Otherwise, you will not be able to stop people from going away. 2nd one on which I focus a lot is content. If the content is bad, it’s useless to share. The third thing that is giving call to action If there is no call to action in your video, like asking to subscribe, then it’s useless. If you’ll not ask anything, you’ll not get anything. But, if you’ll ask for love like this, 101% you’ll not get it.

Look, if I will talk about the script, then it will be a very long video. So I will say watch this video of Algrow. If you don’t want to do that as well, then go to ChatGPT and ask for a review script. Let’s suppose, I want to create a review of Bluehost which is a renowned company in the blogging industry for products. I simply wrote Write a YouTube video outline for Bluehost. As soon as you have the outline, you have to copy the first point and simply write I want a brief about it, now as soon as you write the brief, Properly, it will write the script and give it. These things become a little robotic, so I told it to add a little humor.

Now, what do you have to do basically? You’ve to get the script written and you have to put it in a Google Docs file, now as soon as your script is ready, you have to create a video if you’re in blogging, digital marketing, software or software. Even if you are in kid toys, then you can use AI to some extent, By using AI, you can create a video. But if you’re in any of these industries, I’ll recommend to show face in videos It doesn’t matter how you look.

Even I looked like a pumpkin. My 1st video has 100k views and I was looking at the screen, not even the camera. I used to make review videos, I used to record my screen but I used to put my voice because it gives a human touch. AI will not be able to give you the experience of humans. there is more chance if you speak yourself and show your face. actually, then the audience will trust more. If you don’t show your face, then do a screen recording. Or if you are in the kid toys industry, then you can place a camera to record the product. But in fashion, you will have to show your face. You can insert audio using AI. But one thing will be going on in your mind here, how will we get these products? Your initial investment will be buying the products.

You won’t get Amazon products but can get digital products for free like Upstox. You can mail their company that I am going to make a review video, give me access to this product. I’ve given a template in the description too. By using that, you can simply bring original products. Now what? You have everything. It’s time to create the video. If you want to show the screen recording, then you can do that. Otherwise, you must be wondering how to give our voice? So there are many tools such as Veed, Movio, and Resemble.AI. These are some of the tools that are also used for actually editing as well as by actually converting your text to speech. I’m on Veed, if I go simply to the media and click on the text to speech It will ask me to choose the output language.

Let’s suppose we want to get the output in Hindi. Also, you can choose which gender’s voice do you want? Then put your script. I’d recommend breaking the sentences first. Now as soon as I actually put it inside the project, it will automatically convert that text into a speech. Let’s hear it once. Here you can see that something has gone out virtually in this way, if I want, I can clean this video a little more, plus if I give the tax I have paid in English, if I If I give it in Hindi, then it will also give me output in Hindi, let’s translate it into Hindi, go here, now see how realistic it sounds to listen to the script I have put. Welcome to my channel. When I heard for the first time, I was shocked. how is it so good? You can make a video by using it and recording the screen. If you are doing this, then on Amazon, you will see the video exactly, if you go and see the product, you can put it on the product page, you can also use it, you can use the images, but at the same time if you are creating information content, then you want copyright-free music then we have Pexel and Unsplash.

There are other websites that you can use to get images for free and so on, if not, then you know that you will go to the studio, there you will find non-copyright music, use it and create videos accurately, ok if I tell you Show me another tool, if you want what I am saying, that means that the content that is there, someone speaks and if he is a real person, then his name is the Movio and I will show you the example, all are free, look here there are different characters like There is Bill, if I want, then Bill will actually say my video, it will do full hand exppression. means you will also get a list of it and it is not real human, it is not real human actually ok, now look here I will go simply put my Hindi script.

English man will use a little Hindi language, now if I want to change the audio by going here, then here you can see Hindi is always there, I can choose whatever I really want to use in the audio. I choose this, now look, i have to convert it from text to audio and see what i did if processing was taking too much time? The old video, I will show you how it sounds. So I did blue host, so here everything was removed properly, It gave the content to me, the whole script was not even mine, From where did I take it? you know it.

There is another very good tool which is Resemble.AI I have personally liked it, what can we do in it? We can create a deepfake of our own, that means you only have to work hard once, give it full input and as soon as you give full input, it will create it and whatever content you put, it will create it and whatever content you put, remove it. If you give it, then it will be a matter of content. I will show you I have typed a keyword helloScribe review. Hello scribe is a product, now if you go here and watch the top videos, then all the video screen recordings are here. If it is faceless, then there is a really benefit and here see how many views it has 2k views. Even if 2% people are converted, Good commission must have been earned. so start working. As soon as you have edited the video, then one step after that is simple, you have to bring the title of the video first, you can do the same thing by using ChatGPT and at the same time if you want a description, it will also be done with that, which means a lot of work will be easier if you want to make thumbnail, Actually, you can now create with Canva.

I would like to add important points like you’ve to optimize your videos for SEO first of all, whatever is your main topic like Blue Host Review. Go and put it in the Rapid Tags there you will find multiple keywords, You can see the same tags and how good they are, which I use personally, I use it and at the same time, to make the main topic and video SEO optimized, like I’m talking about Bluehost, I’ll add it in the video name and thumbnail name. It increases relevancy and what is Youtube? YouTube is also a AI system, if it comes to know that this video is more optimized on this thing, if you want to talk about it, then what will happen? That video will be more and more ranked.

Ok and you will be able to earn money actually, let’s add two points more, here the first point is to keep the honesty in your content. Other people will not connect. Tell the bad and good things about the product. Try to provide value. It means fulfilling what you’ve promised in the thumbnail. If you have fulfilled it, then 100 percent people will share your video. And buy from you and start giving bonus. If someone buys a product from your feedback, then tell him to message me in this mail ID, I will give you a bonus.

When I promoted Hostinger, I used this thing. many people bought from my link and I got a lot of mails. Now, those videos are for those who can spend money. So if I get any other offer, then I can inform them about it. I know, I’ve given a briliant idea. Well, I’ll you give the last tip, that is, this is not a 1-day game You have to work hard consistently. Have you have heard about the snowball effect? the snowball effect is that whenever you see it, it comes as a snowball, isn’t it? It does not become immediately, actually it becomes slowly. So the hardwork you will do will not bring the result in a day It will give you slowly.

That’s why I said that it will take you three months to earn money. If you do not have to move forward in your career, then you have to take one decision and have the courage, if you keep these two things, I can say hundred and one percent that you will be successful in your life. If you implement this formula. This was all about the video. I hope you liked this video, I have mentioned all the resources inside the description, you go check out and if you have any problem, confusion, if there is any question then I would like to give hundred one percent solution to your problem, so that’s it for this video. If you like the video, If you are watching it on Facebook, follow If you’re watching on youtube, then subscribe and like.

I will not meet you in the next video until Bye Bye and Cheers!


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