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I earned over 200 euros in the chat gbt only AffiliateOne OTO one week so that it works you have to know how to make texts Google safe so that they
rank well later and you get enough traffic on them that they are converted into sales AffiliateOne OTO
how it works find products and where you also offer the whole thing I’ll show you today
in this video hello and a very warm welcome back to my channel nice that you tuned in
again my name is Kay today on a super cool topic today it’s about chat gbt the artificial
intelligence that can do almost everything I have already seen that many out there say
that you can make money with it and yes it is actually possible but you have to pay attention

to a few things so that it works in the end I will definitely show you where to get products
how to use chat correctly that then really good text comes out how we convert this text
to Google safe that means that it is also taken into account by the ranking and w o
we will publish the whole thing so that we get enough traffic on it I started the whole
thing over a week ago that’s cool the texts are so specific that you get really good traffic
as you can see I already have almost 300 clicks after a week on my articles I wrote with chat
gbt from this one Traffic has relaxed and converted to almost 300 euros I will definitely
show you how the whole thing will work now and with this introduction I will show you
how to sell digital products you can of course also sell everything else that is really just
I’ll also show you an example where you can find these digital products I’ll jump straight
to my laptop and we can see the first platform for this example would be digistore 24 but
there is also Clickbank James Worriar plus all these providers have digital products
that we can offer with this technique for some who have the confidence to also sell
physical products I use the Amazon program for this, of course I find that a bit more
difficult, but it is definitely feasible for this example, I use digistore 24, this example,
but of course with all other platforms, of course, I will register now and see you again
in a moment I’m in digistore here under the marketplace and here you can see there are
so many niches that we can advertise with this technology and of course you can pick
something out and since we’re at the beginning of the year and now it’s getting a lot of
people into fitness the fitness and health niche is absolutely amazing and of course
you have the best opportunities to make sales here, especially at the beginning of the year,
but it is not absolutely necessary, it is now only for this example and no matter whether
it is any fitness courses or any weight loss products such as For example, any recipes,
everything can now be offered really well as said, look around which product you like
you can of course filter the product up here by popularity how many sales are currently
taking place and so on and so on here you can of course also see what percentage of
commission you get from all of these and if you get yours If you want to have an affiliate
link, you just have to click promote now and then your Philipp link will appear here, you
can copy it and the product should of course also match the text.

In the next step, we
go to the tool hairline super that could use for free is in my opinion better
than the Google Keyboard Planner why and why I’ll show you why in a moment go to it in
the top left go to Keyword Research Tool press it once and then we look for the umbrella
term of our niche of our product what we we picked out in this case I’ll just take fitness
and press look for something like us now this tool shows once the search volume is 3 million
per month the competition is very very low and that we can do here these are the top
keywords we can sort the whole thing according to search volume and wherever it is written
here you have very little competition with these individual keywords if you have picked
one out here just copy this keyword then go we go to this tool Chat GPT either enter the
chat GPT in Google then it comes directly there the whole thing runs via open
I will definitely link it to you below so that it can be accessed directly and then
you click on new chat up here on it and then you can actually get started down here, now
I’ll show you what you actually have to do here, that there’s a real article out there
that we can use that we can also make money from, some subtleties are damn important otherwise
it doesn’t work because of that for those who would like to imitate it now do not pass
it on you really have to look at it step by step so that it a In the end, we go into the
following: show me a suitable title for the blog entry and then we simply add our keyword
here, it is important that we put quotation marks at the beginning and at the end you
will find out why that is so important right away and then can you press enter now jet
shows us possible titles for our blog that we can use and now he only has to do one thing
make you decide on any one i’ll make it very easy now i’ll just take this above copy that
out first then I’ll make a document you can open a Word document and then you could copy
the whole thing here too we can make the whole thing a bit thick so that you know okay that’s
a headline because the whole thing is an example I’ll do it here are just five tips the title
is of course not yet a block we want something else if you are not satisfied by the way d
with the title you can press it again down here then the tool will generate you again
completely new titles but I’m satisfied so far here we have to write in the following
create me a block outline on this title Bracket open then you just have to copy this title
here just add the new bracket here why that is so important then you know Jet gbt that
we are now referring to this title here so the whole thing has to be in these brackets
and then you have to just press enter so now we’re creating Chat Chibi Team complete block
the whole thing looks more like a list so to speak subtitles and I will now show you
how to create beautiful blog entries from these subtitles that look like what you like
to read and Step number three, which we definitely have to do, is let’s first create a block
from this block section Colon brackets on these are now the ten tips Tip number one
as the first time the introduction we copy ourselves we paste here and very important
quotation marks so that the whole thing is over and then you can press Enter and now
I create Jetski BT a beautifully written article, better said, in this case it’s just the introduction,
then we can copy the whole thing, now we go back to our document, we can copy the whole
thing in, of course we’ll make it a bit thicker and that’ll do with the whole ten sections
here so that the text might not be that big let’s write this time we’ll make a small block
out of the block section colon then we’ll go from the introduction here to copy tip
number one add a quotation mark to the whole thing to never forget and then press Enter
and now Jet gbt writes this text again completely, of course, the whole thing is also high-quality
finished tips if you are never satisfied, as I said, you can have the whole thing revised
again and have a new one spit out for you, if it is finished, as I said, copy it then
we will go back to our text and add it back to all the sections you can of course make
sure that at least the headings are always thick so the whole thing looks more professional
later on that we also have the same line section everywhere and so on and so on I think you
know what I mean by the way I wrote down these three sentences for you and wrote a small
vocabulary document that you can download by the way is also linked below so all you
had to do was copy and paste the whole thing and then we’ll go back up to the ten tips
that was tip number two and go back up Tip number three and so on and so on until the
article is finished so now I’ve finished the text five tips for the perfect start to the
gym so that we can now get this article Google safe we ​​just have to copy the whole
text first then we have to go to Google and enter duplicate checker article rewriter if
you then went to search you have to click here I will link the whole thing to you as
I said below and then you can simply copy this text here because we now have to put
it in German here then you click here that you are not a robot and then we press here
on rewrite the article now this software rewrites this entire article again so we are now double-juiced
and then I will show you how we can find out if Google is doing the whole thing also regarded
as real or not so now we can copy the whole thing first then just paste the whole thing
in here the whole thing is of course collapsing a bit again we have to separate it a bit so
that the whole thing looks like a cool text again that makes it short so I have changed
the whole thing now if you have now made the whole thing into a super super text there
with this rewriting tool, some words are not used 100% well you have to go through the
text a bit that’s at the top it sounds more professional there are probably better tools
here than what I’ve just shown you can of course let off steam the main thing is this
Text is 100% rewritten again, which means that there is nowhere this text as we got
it from Chat gbt and so that we can find out whether Google finds out the whole thing,
we would have to copy this text again completely in any case on the page coaching face point
CEO the team chat checker so he checks your text and then you just have to paste the whole
thing here then press enter so we now have 89.92% of this text is recognized as new that
means we can now complete this text and it will definitely be taken into account for
the Google ranking and now I will show you where you can also offer the whole thing,
namely we will now go to the quora page if I register again, I would first have to fill
out your profile completely and stack it with an article on the Day and then I will again
show a little hack where you will definitely not be banned if you place one in it, namely
if you j the whole thing looks like this either the created complete post so if you click
on it you can create a normal post but I do it like this you click on it show all saloons
then create salon and then this is a saloon by the way something like a facebook group
that’s me now as follows my start in the gym in 2023 so not spectacular there you can still
somehow write in what’s up because in this saloon there is a short description exchange
for all beginners e.g.

Then I press here on create that doesn’t need to close at all note
that could click away so now this group is created next we go to post go to add question
what we’re going to do now we’re asking ourselves a question that’s cool our group we can do
and leave what we want that’s why we have the advantage that we’re here too fulfilled
can post links but everyone can do this group now dadu Because we’ve now done the keyword
search, it has a lot of search volume and a lot of people come up with it, so we’ll
prove what we’ll write in something like what do I have to do note when I go to the gym
for the first time I’ll ask this question in this group you can remove it again then
we’ll click on the answer right away now we can simply copy the whole article and paste
it here and we can now fill it completely with affiliate left and then simply prepare
the whole thing then your affiliate link will appear, you can either copy it right away
and either shorten it then you can also see what traffic actually goes through your bitly
link is always nice to have what I would not bring now is if you here now randomly place
your affiliate links they won’t be clicked it looks unprofessional and then people definitely
don’t read any further see that there is also a call to action for these tips, for example
here’s how to visit the gym are fully realistic Setting goals, as I said, I have now copied
the link from this again em online fitness course then you can simply write a call to
action, for example click here and check out our online fitness course, then simply block
it if I press a on it here, you press on it and here we add our affiliate Link and just
press Add and then the readers or interested parties land directly on the affiliate product
and the landing page takes over the sale overloaded the whole part here does not breathe fulfilled
links sometimes less is more and so you can start with chat gbt Earning money online when
I have shown this video will probably jump on the fitness niche because of course it
is the beginning of the year but since a little smart look what could really ignite at the
beginning of the year how much traffic you can create to generate your texts after a
week, please write it down in the comments below if you like this method Liked leave
a thumbs up subscribe to my channel don’t forget to hit the bell so you don’t miss any
more videos and with that in mind I would say goodbye ciao ciao see you next time Kay

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