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this year started with one of the biggest Innovations to hit the public in the 21st century chat GPT chat GPT fascinating we’re kicking things off with an ad that I created using chat GPT you know chat gbt you look at that you’re like wait a ByPaiss OTO minute this is real people like this is bad this is going to take away jobs similar to the internet being around a decade made before it was widely available chat gbt is the first tool that has given us a glimpse of the magnitude artificial intelligence is going to ByPaiss OTO have on our everyday life it can write you a customized workout plan create a piano piece inspired by Beethoven while simultaneously diagnosing what’s wrong with your car and this is only the beta version It’s predicted by 2030 that artificial intelligence will replace 10 percent of the world’s manufacturing jobs and now with chat GPT in the equation something

that’s personally crossed my mind is anything I’m doing currently going to get replaced by artificial intelligence and that’s why I analyzed what can I do personally to keep myself from getting replaced by this AI technology and that’s when I found three skills 3 three skills that we can develop to not only become Irreplaceable by whatever this wave of AI technology throws at us but once applied they can become weapons to make us much more valuable which means more money and if this video gets 2 000 likes I’ll consider doing another one in the series I recently shared some AI tools that I’m using to make money and some pushback I received from some of you was aren’t the businesses that are already in those Industries going to dominate the new opportunities that are popping up for example if I already run a copywriting business won’t this AI technology just increase the barrier to entry of new people entering in and the answer to that should technically be yes it should make it harder for new participants to enter the market but here’s why that’s not the case and even more importantly why it doesn’t even matter there’s a term in business called the industry life cycle it’s the five stages of the business and it starts at the introduction phase and goes all the way to the decline phase but in the middle is a section called the ShakeOut stage and this is when a few competitors in the market gain strength over other competitors so whereas in before the copywriting business example where we have big companies dominating the market now by implementing this artificial intelligence chat GPT they could be eliminating a massive amount of time and Workforce a copywriting company in theory could downsize from 30 people down to five people while still generating the same work production and this translates to higher margins and these higher margins are going to create a vacuum effect and this is because industries that have higher margins with lower barriers to entry which the AI is now creating will create new space for competitors to come in that charge cheaper prices but that’s assuming all of these big companies implement the AI right away despite many people thinking larger companies are better than smaller companies that isn’t the case all the time the longer a company has been around the more corporate baggage they acquire and the more bureaucratic they become when implementing change so there’s a chance that something like AI let alone chat gbt won’t be implemented across all of the big companies right away and this is where smaller businesses and even one-man operations would have a potential advantage in the markets and this is why there is a skill for being able to identify where AI has penetrated these markets and has created these price gaps for example here on YouTube there are people making thousands of dollars every month running faceless YouTube channels on top of that there are companies that are charging individuals on helping them get these faceless YouTube channels up and running but with chat ebt’s abilities to write stories and scripts and AI softwares that can take text and convert it over to video such as Synthesia or this is going to open up the market now for channels that take advantage of this on the ability to push out much more content at a lower cost per video and I’m currently working on a system right now where I can make 120 YouTube shorts in just a few hours time which I will be talking about in the coming videos but how exactly do you find these emerging opportunities other than immersing yourself on Twitter or freelancing sites one of the best ways to spot opportunities or potential problems in existing markets is just to understand the tool you’re going to be using to fix these problems and this is why we must develop a skill to prompt chat gbt to maximize the output that we get right now about 84 of the world has access to Google and the internet and on that front we’re all on the same playing field but it’s the individuals and businesses that know how to Leverage The Power of the internet and how to utilize it properly that are the ones making all of the money and we are going to see the same thing with chat gbt and other AI Technologies for chat CBT the people who understand how to input the correct commands will not only have an advantage but we could start seeing in the future where entire skill sets shift for example with copywriting you could say that the top two skills would be English and writing and in the future that could be who can effectively prompt chat GPT the best let’s say you want chat gbt to give you a list of questions typically asked by an interviewer and that’s fine chatgpt will give you that list of questions questions commonly asked but why not choose this prompt instead I want you to act as the interviewer I will be the candidate and you ask me the interview questions for this insert whatever position you want I want you to only reply as the interviewer and only ask the next question once I responds you can get the point here but not only do you get different questions but you get an entirely different experience but chat gbt can be anything the key is is telling it to act as an expert for example I run a business on turo where I rent out one of my vehicles and I had an issue with one of my cars after prompting chat gbt to act as a mechanic I was able to ask chat gbt a series of leading questions to try and diagnose what was wrong now the AI gave me a list of two of those things that it could possibly be one of those being a bad camshaft sensor which I didn’t even know what it was I didn’t call it my mechanic who I normally use to just service basic type needs and I asked him if he fixed camshaft sensors and he told me he would not do it for that particular vehicle model so I ended up go into another mechanic and guess what it was actually a bad camshaft sensor and had I actually taken it to my other mechanic I would have had to pay a hundred and eighty dollar diagnostic fee regardless now I’ll leave a link down below for a list of prompts that you can play with and they’re pretty fun to play around with but understanding how to identify opportunities and effectively prompt chat GPT is only two-thirds of the equation because there’s one more skill that we need to develop to make sure that our current business or position doesn’t get replaced by this AI technology now as mind-blowing as chat EBT is right now it still does have its limitations for example let’s say I have a transcription business where I convert other YouTubers videos into other languages yes chat EBT will do some of that for me but they’re not going to add text on screen or do a voiceover and that’s why it’s imperative that we developed the skill of being able to understand other AI tools that work in conjunction with chat GPT and on top of that how to build a team around a powerful software and if there’s anything to take away from the this video it’s this third skill right here once everyone knows how to prompt chat EBT it’s the people that understand how to leverage these other tools as well as having a few other key individuals around them that will be making the most money let’s say you want to start creating logos or designs for someone yes there are text to image softwares that can convert your text over to AI art open AI the company that created chat gbt has Dolly and then there are a few other ones out there as well such as mid-journey and night Cafe but just as important as it is to becoming familiar with these other tools that are coming to Market it’s equally if not more important to be able to find individuals you can build around Steve Jobs didn’t know how to code but he knew how to build a team and this gave him access to something that he didn’t even really know about and we could see this even with chat GPT encoding so if you ask chat gbt to act as an expert coder it will give you code for whatever it is that you’re looking for but if you’re running code for someone and you don’t know anything about it there’s a chance that this could be wrong not only can chat chibi TV wrong sometimes but it takes data that’s not newer than 2021 so it might be good to have someone at a base level that understands coding that you can toss this over to just to have double check so yes I do think it would be naive to say that Chachi BT and AI won’t take some jobs I mean wage collectors used to be a popular job in the medical field but for the most part at least for the foreseeable future I think that if we can develop these three skills not only will we not lose our position and whatever it is that we’re doing but I think we stand to make more money in the long term but these were just three skills to see four specific use cases on how you can use artificial intelligence to make money starting today click on this video right here

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