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mastering Etsy SEO is going to be the Make It or VizualAI OTO Break It for your store if you do not understand   how Etsy search works and how to optimize your
listing for search you are never going to show   up in the search results for Etsy meaning VizualAI OTO
you are never going to get organic sales   this video topic has easily been one of the most
requested video topics in my YouTube comments so   I’m super excited to get into this and break
this down for you as easily as I can explain   Etsy search factors in two things query matching
and ranking query matching is what someone types   into the Etsy search bar what phrase do regular
humans like you and I usually type into search   bars to find the product that we are looking
for once a buyer types in their query into the   Etsy search bar that is their query matching so
they’re looking for people like you who have used   those type of keywords in your titles and tags to
tell Etsy that’s what you sell so I Etsy is going   to query match but then there is an extra layer on
top of who they show within that search and that   is where ranking comes into play because there
are so many different people selling a similar   product on Etsy Etsy needs to have an algorithm
in place to decide who to put on page one and   who to put on page a thousand if they are using
the same keywords relevant to whatever the person   had typed in the search bar there are actually
quite a few different factors that give in to   this ranking but the two most important ones that
we can affect are the relevancy and the quality   score relevancy is how relevant is your product
what you sell to whatever that person types into   the search bar the more specific the better if the
person in the search bar typed cat print bath mat   and you’re selling a cat shirt you’re probably not
that relevant and you probably won’t be ranked too   high but if you are selling a cat print bath mat
chances are you’re going to be ranking pretty high   for that search but to be able able to tell Etsy
exactly what you sell you actually need to tell   them by using keywords in your titles your tags
and your descriptions your titles are what show to   Etsy what people see when they’re actually
searching for your product tags are more   hidden on the back end to tell Etsy what you sell
you also have attributes and categories which you   can list in your Etsy listing that will also give
Etsy some hints as to what you’re selling and   Etsy also searches your top part of your
description to find any other relevant   keywords to give them a hint as to what you
sell all of these you want to be filling with   keywords and keywords are what we talked about
earlier what is someone going to type in that   Etsy search bar that if your product came up they
would be like yes this is what I am searching for   so for our example with the cat print bath mat we
would probably definitely want cat print bath mat   as most likely our main keyword then there may
be a few other ways that someone actually might   search for this they could be searching bath mat
with cat print bath mat cats cat lover bath mat   those could be alternative keywords that someone
might search to find your product that would   still be extremely relevant to what you sell so
I would probably include a few of these actually   in my title I would list all three of those and
try to think of any other ones and don’t waste   up space by putting like birthday gifts I like
to always just think if someone had typed this   and my product shows up what are the chances that
that is what they were searching for if the answer   is probably not then don’t waste your space using
that as a keyword then you want to make sure that   those main keywords of yours which we had just
talked about are showing up in your titles your   tags and your description so your tags should also
have cat print bath mat cat lover bath mat and you   should be making sure you are using all 13 tags
not all of your title is going to take up all 13   tags so you can add in some extra additional ones
here to just cover a wider a range of searches   here’s an extra hint if your keyword shows up
in your title and your tag it is seen as more   relevant than if someone had just had it in their
title and not their tags so I like to make sure   that I am utilizing my most important keywords
everywhere in my listing and recently in 2022 Etsy   has also started factoring in the top two or three
sentences of your description and they’re reading   those looking for your keywords to again see
how relevant your product is to someone’s search   Etsy has stated they don’t want you to just copy
and paste your titles and your tags though this   actually needs to be a human legible sentence
used in the top piece of your description so   for something like this I would probably do do you
love cats check out our beautiful cat print bath   mat the perfect bath mat for cat lovers or this
would make the perfect gift for cat moms in their   life to decorate their bathroom take some time
with your descriptions and actually spend time   trying to coordinate a sentence that uses as many
of your main keywords as possible and is not just   gibberish and it is actually human sentences
that you and I would like to read in your   Etsy listing there are also things called your
category and your attributes your category if   you sell a tea shirt will be t-shirts tells
Etsy what you sell and if you have attributes   attributes are they give you a bunch of different
listings in there and you can select relevant tags   so for example there is a holiday attribute so
if you’re selling a Christmas shirt you should   probably select Christmas within that holiday
attribute these attributes and categories work   as a tag so you actually then do not need to
put t-shirt as a tag and you do not need to   put Christmas as a tag I would only use these
if they are actually relevant to what you are   selling because people do use these kind of to
filter your products so if it is not relevant   you actually might be working against yourself
so now that you’ve told Etsy what you sell and   they can understand how relevant your product is
to actually somebody search that’s going to come   into play if you are more relevant you are going
to rank higher but that is not the only main thing   that Etsy looks at they also take a look at your
listing quality score your quality score takes a   look at the history of this listing does it have
any sales do people click into it does it have a   good conversion rate does it have bad or positive
reviews if you only have a one star review on that   product it’s probably not going to rank very
high because Essie doesn’t want to be selling   and putting forth on their first page a product
that only has a one-store product Etsy wants to   look good to its sellers so high rated products
are going to sell more often and show up higher   in the search this is why I tell people sometimes
you can list a product and it can be up for months   and then it’ll sell and then suddenly it keeps
selling because before it had no quality score   but now that it’s sold once and say it gets a
positive review you’re going to rank a little   bit higher and then you’re going to be found more
easy so more people are going to buy more people   are going to leave positive reviews and you’re
going to keep climbing in these search ranking so   it could take a few months before you even start
seeing massive results on one product but all of   a sudden it can Skyrocket I hope that I explained
exactly what you can do do in your Etsy SEO to   help you rank higher for a search but I like to
add just in a few extra tips hopefully to help   you out a little bit more my first tip is to think
like a customer with your keywords what is someone   likely to actually type in the search bar are they
going to think to put in dark comfy sweatshirt for   Mom cat lovers probably not that’s pretty specific
but they might put in cat lover sweatshirt or cat   gift for Mom something more along those lines
so really take a look at your keywords and try   to think is this likely that someone’s actually
going to type this into the Etsy search bar to   get your quality score rolling faster consider
asking friends and family to purchase from you   also if you do get sales on those products be sure
to reach out to people and ask for reviews to make   sure that you are actually getting some feedback
on that product so Etsy can give you a ranking for   Quality score and with that make sure that you
offer amazing customer service customer service   can really make or break your store store because
people very much appreciate it and people are   going to leave you good reviews if you have a good
customer service experience resulting in way more   sales down the line if you know your main keyword
that you want to title this but you can’t think   of any other why don’t you actually search up that
main keyword on Etsy and see what people selling a   similar product are actually titling that because
if it’s working for them and they’re ranking on   first page it’s probably going to rank well for
you as well whenever I am stuck on trying to find   out new keywords competitor research has been my
best friend thank you guys so much for listening   I really hope that this sheds some light on the
mystery of etsy SEO and if you have any questions   just let me know in the comments below and if you
found this video helpful I do ask if you could   please leave a like And subscribe if you haven’t
yet thank you guys so much see you next week

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