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you want to earn millions of rupees per month from this video. have to watch this video completely and eScribe Whitelabel OTO If you don’t like it after watching it, you can unsubscribe me because I don’t want you to be ? Watch the video ahead. Before that I and the question is, how important is money in your life so that I can follow you about it , I can make some videos for new to people, so subscribe to the channel is the only thing to do. You laptop people . are. Then you should follow or like it so that you eScribe Whitelabel OTO. Don’t keep getting all the videos on time. can stay connected with the video.

Let’s be. back so guys, this work is very easy, you can do it from your mobile phone, and when you do this work, not only will they give you money. People will come to you by themselves Don’t be surprised. Don’t worry You have to tell me step by step and this is what I am showing you on the laptop. . It will be like this , so let’s go Let’s start on the screen, so guys, here you have to come to chat, There is a login in GBT. I have taught you how to create an account. To see this video, watch this video. We You have to create an account and learn what you have done here have to do.

Come on, you have to write a simple thing, just tell it, automatically, it will earn you money. What to write Coats off We write the name of any servant here, here we write the name, yes, Quaid-e-Azam, yes, spellings, If you don’t take tension, it will fix everything by itself. it will generate the motivational code. What should be done next? It let me tell you now.

The second task is that you will open here have to answer a question. I have started telling many ways to sell. Now the first thing you have . Canva is here to go. Everything is free. They do something there is no need to do it. Here you have to go simple, designed an idea for you. Click on it. Well, here you to write is a motivational video. You have to click on it. When you click on it, it will give you some team plates will give face and. You can choose half of these templates and ‘s here. Let’s say I choose it. It’s ten seconds long. I’ll end it here. I’ll simply write that motivational quote here. I’ll make a video when it done your branding a little bit and a video will be made. I will show you the next things, so now you will be surprised that the world It is earning so much money now, will just go and see what happens.

From here, we have copy the motivational code, so it discipline, we copied it. Please copy it sir, let’s do it, create a paste, ok, now it is bad enough, you take it a little bit further. Done, , they also finish it below, sir, your brother’s name will come, here your name will come, which dear Allah God has given you a name, your parents can give you a name, well, it is yours and here you have Yes, you can also write aids here.

It’s okay. Yes, discipline, bla, bla, bla. This is all of us. Let’s run it. Let’s do it and see how it looks, guys, the environment is building, or it on Tik Tok. Oh, now you have to put the environment that is being created on YouTube when you see has made a YouTube channel, Quaid-e-Azam’s motivational lectures put them there. You know how many views there will be. Let me show You will be surprised. Today, am blurring all the YouTube channels. I want to blur this guy too. will give you motivational stuff, but I am only giving you will show views.

Quaid-e-Azam motivational wrote this They make pakoras in the name of ka has blurred five point two million views of this guy. is motivational. Also, guys, look at this, it’s a speech, it’s not. I a month ago, this brother has named it. this guy. Subscribers are only few. This guy are a subscriber. If there are more, see how many there will be. Eight thousands of views of this brother. At least 12 dollars for 8000 views, have found it. Okay fine. Apart from this, here we are walking, Elon Musk writes the rest here. It is not necessary, we are just The Quaid-e-Azam will be fine . Elon Musk writes motivational. set by some man a month ago are many thousands of views and who knows how much money will be made, less than 1000 dollars and it will continue for life ‘m just going to stay, guys, if these guys can do this, why aren’t you.

I have taught you how to do it. It is very easy. I have said one of Quaid Sahib, you should be a worker, all the work is done, . Even if you don’t want to earn, now they will say was beneficial for you people to say that we have not a face but , show it, we don’t show voice. I gave it. This way you can do many things. I’m walking now, I . What game is running over fiber? So Fiber . Fiber motivational video is fine. . Let’s go and see how much money there is. Only one thousand and sixty two people . They do it for YouTube only from all YouTube earn money, my brother, you can also earn, so doesn’t have a single point three problem, he has just become a worker, he has done twenty four projects, done it. It takes twenty-five to make one six hundred and thirty-two. It takes twenty-five. see that seventy five has been done and fifteen takes, then they people who have hired stoves in many other houses must have gone to YouTube, so I how much they are earning.

Well, I told you two ways. Make this thing from one place and put Influencer can work. The fourth way is to put it on rails, put it on Instagram, put it on social media, it is put it on the platform, then see how many fan following you have and as many as the present-day cricket scene in Pakistan has been so if you are posting anything for cricket, motivational people run after him and I There are also people who are driven by UET and have become motivational lecturers will know that those who were going to become MNA in the past days will which can be reduced by copying and pasting outside books and they come here and become big khans.

Then my brother, you are hardworking people, why can’t you do this please do it. Tell me to make a video. Mention the person who made the best video also give you free short out and let me know have two lakh fans. There are two lakh people who that support us in today’s date and God willing, these soon there will be millions, so if you have done a good job in front of all of them, So I will promote you for free and inshallah you will see how your life will change, all you have to do is to promise that you will I have to work, I just don’t want to listen. There is no benefit in listening. that the dollars that are coming to me are coming now you too. Work and show them so that because of me, burn. All right guys so if you like the video then your friends Please share it with Zia and I hope you will also like it and besides, if you are new to Zia’s YouTube channel, then and subscribe.

Be sure to press the bell icon so that . You don’t want fraudulent videos keep getting views. God willing, I took a video very soon and are coming. In which I will tell you how to your emotions are played with in Chakra. Thank God, you were very patient. Apart from this, if you put me on the Facebook page Zia Gea are watching then simply follow or like it. So that when you are scrolling, don’t you have good words and keep growing in your wealth. So guys, you an informative task . Must share with your friends. You don’t worry. May you get what is written risk for you ? You will take care of yourself and your loved ones. remember Facebook page in your prayers. Take care of Pakistan . Pakistan Zindabad..

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