A.I. Disruptor 1.0 OTO

you can make up to three thousand dollars per week with this chat GPT method friends bike welcome back to another video friends in this video I will show you how you can make at least three

A.I. Disruptor 1.0 OTO

thousand dollars per week with only 30 minutes of work a day and without investment so if you want to make money online do not skip any single part of this video also smash the Subscribe button like this video and hit the Bell icon button for more money making videos on time if you do not know about affiliate marketing in short affiliate marketing is one of A.I. Disruptor 1.0 OTO the forms of digital marketing where you refer someone to any online product and when that person buys the product based on your recommendation you receive a commission there are many affiliate networks available like digistore24 ClickBank Warrior plus



Etc firstly go to munchie.com this is a launch calendar of all the products that will launch on the platforms like Warrior plus ClickBank and of zoo you can see there are a lot of products available that will launch in the future if you make reviewing articles about these upcoming products you will rank easily because there is very little competition in them and you will be able to earn money easily pick those products that have just been launched for this scroll down to this page and now pick up any product for example I open this product to Builder by Kirk Chrysler this product has front end price 17 and a commission rate of 50 percent amazing to create an article copy the product name go to google.com paste the product name add a review keyword and then press the enter key open three to four product review articles in a new tab but for example I open only one article now copy the first paragraph of this blog and go to the chat GPT tool I already detailed explain about Chad GPT in my previous video the website and video link are in the description go and register on this website after creating an account on chat GPT click on this new chat option now write this query rewrite this article and the double quotes paste the first paragraph again go to the blog website scroll down and copy the second paragraph from the start to the end after this again go to chat GPT press the space button and paste the second paragraph here repeat the same step for all other paragraphs after pasting all headings on Chad GPT press the enter key this tool will automatically rewrite this article and will make it 100 unique in a few seconds after this search this term lengthen this article with a paragraph now Chad GPT will automatically create a paragraph of this article now check whether this article is plagiarism free or not for this go to google.com search plagiarism detector then press the enter key open this first website in a new tab scroll down and paste the article here and click on this check plagiarism button wait for a few minutes you can see this article is one hundred percent unique secondly check whether this article is AI free or not for this go to huggingfaceai content detector tool Link in this description paste the content here and wait for a few seconds you can see that this article is 99 fake it needs to be given human touch to make it real for example delete unwanted meaningless lines from the article you can see this line is unwanted delete this add paragraph headings to make this article AI free after these steps you can see our article is 75 percent real now you can use this article on your website or medium.com profile now it’s time to add an affiliate link to this article to earn a commission first of all copy this article create a new word document file and paste this article here select the heading size and bold all heading for a get affiliate link go to the product page you are creating an article about this product is on Warrior plus affiliate network if you want to promote all these products first you need to create a warrior plus affiliate account account creation is straightforward friends after creating an account open this product page click on this grab link button wait for a few seconds click on this request approval button and tell them how can you promote this product for example I write I want to promote this product through my blog and Facebook ads once this program approves your request then it will give you a unique link called affiliate link now go to your article and add one or two affiliate links in your article for example select the text and click on the add link button and paste your affiliate link here please shorten your affiliate link with bitly URL shortener add a call to action at the end of your article with attach your affiliate link when someone clicks on your affiliate link buy the product you will earn a commission the final step is publish this article on medium.com and Google sites you know this medium blogs also rank on Google create a writer account on medium.com then click on this ride button paste the article here scroll up and cut the heading and paste this Title Here click on publish this blog button add at least five tags so readers know what your story is about for example I add to build a review two Builder and Technology then click on this publish Now button finally you can also use Google sites to publish this article on Google for this go to google.com sign into your Google account search sites.new then press the enter key go to the word document file copy this article go to the Google site page again add a text box element and paste the text here copy the blog title pasted in this box and also paste it here change the title color size and style it’s your choice to change the background click on this change image section and click on the select image select any background image and click on Save after all the editing click on this publish button set SEO friendly short blog URL then click on publish this article if you want more money making videos please smash the Subscribe button and hit the Bell icon button to stay tuned for upcoming videos

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