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No, professor, AIBookSite OTO
so we will be found out soon. We will not be found out. We are all out of the hospital. AIBookSite OTO
Why do you still call me “Professor”? I don’t want to be a professor outside then we’ll find out right away, especially you professor You’re like a ticking time bomb right now – Me?
– Have you forgotten what you did in the duty room yesterday? Well, here you are, it seems like everyone is here. Does a retirement symposium have to get together to plan? Professor An Zhengyuan hasn’t arrived yet – sorry
– um, sorry, what case are we discussing today? Prof.

Kim Jin-mo’s Retirement Commemoration Symposium Production of Blessing Videos
and Retirement Medal Congratulatory Messages First of all, we have received
blessings from all walks of life. The video is expected to be completed this weekend. If you have any photos or videos with Professor Kim Jin-mo
… – As expected of An Zhengyuan
– what a gentleman – we should all learn from him
– that’s right hey , you should take good care of her Zhang Dongdong assisted you with two surgeries today Oh my god, Professor An, you are really good – fortunately there are You take care of the resident doctor
– yes, Professor An is really considerate, I agree – I completely agree –
it’s true, people read it and thought that Professor An Zhengyuan
was Dr. Zhang Dong’s boyfriend, I mean others may misunderstand – true!
– I can’t stand it – I’m startled
– This is outrageous! – Who would want to go there?
– He’s writing a novel again.

Anyway, Professor Li Yijun’s idea is really strange. – What if you embarrass them?
– Really, right? I’m sorry, I’m sorry, Professor An Zhengyuan It’s okay, it’s okay. By the way, have the external professors who will be the lecturers
decided on the topic of the lecture? Well, Director Jiang Yunda Cancer Center is going to announce the current status and future of minimally invasive surgery… You will stay with me later, madman, I am very busy, I have to prepare immigration documents and if there is still time, we may have to arrange Are you listening to a talent show
? so comfortable.

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