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foreign When business owners decide
to start doing video marketing There is one major mistake I see a lot! Promptbot Ai OTO  Hi Taylor here Financial potion Promptbot Ai OTO

where video is your financial potion. And to never miss out on a video please make
sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel and click on the Bell so
you’re notified every Friday at  5 PM Arizona time That a new video has been posted! For one-to-one training or
just to support our content Please click above and connect
with us on our patreon page With social media being all
the rage for public attention Too many people first starting to post videos
will post to their favorite social media platform but we’ll neglect to fully search and optimize
their videos for the search leader, Google! Google has owned YouTube
since 2008 and uses videos   from YouTube in a lot of their search results by adding the right headline or title matching
full description keywords and metadata your videos will help you get found and they
could even serve as backlinks to your website which helps your website SEO when you choose to do anything
you should do it full out so make sure if you’re investing
the time and money to produce videos that you also take the time to fully
search engine optimize your videos if you need assistance with this please
don’t hesitate to reach out to us! we provide training and search
engine optimization services!

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