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one of the biggest challenges you and I have will be creating a promotional video is this a fact question the viewer to find out precisely what it is that they want so that we can tailor our message to match what they want now I know Pro eCom OTO the solution to that problem and I’ll share with you hi my name is Peter Thompson.

I’m the UK’s most prolific information product creator and over the last 15 to 25 years I’ve been making videos I’ve made hundreds of videos some of them were absolute rubbish some of them weren’t too bad and just Pro eCom OTO occasionally there was one or two that really made a difference for me and for my clients so how do we cope with this big problem it’s actually quite simple you know over the last few videos.

I’ve been sharing with you the six stage process of selling which is this open gather present adjust conclude and follow up let me say it again through open gather present adjust conclude and follow now you’ll notice and I discuss this in some length on those videos that the gathering stage comes before the presenting stage so that’s the challenge isn’t it when we’re doing a video yes we can open we have a great opening that really engages somebody we can sort it opposites off and said you can create curiosity but normally if we were in a face-to-face conversation we’d then be saying to that person so tell me where are the problems where are the opportunities you try to capitalize on what’s that difficulty you’ve got over there that I can help you with but of course we can’t do that with a video because it’s a one-way communication but there is a way to do it now before I go any further just so you know there’s a little extra phrase that we need to use in this process and right at the end of today’s video I’ll come back and I’ll explain that to you because then it will make sense because it will be within context so the way that I found to get around this problem of the fact that we can’t gather information before we present our solution is to do this is to actually tell what you might call a war story or an explanation of our own history to explain the problems that we’ve had that we managed to solve and the problems usually the same problems that our clients had that we were able to solve for them so we could be saying something along the lines of when I started in business this was my major problem or these were my three problems nice to use threes because I like this rhythm of threes in fact somebody want to told me that it’s one of the great rhythms to listen to so these were the three problems that I had when I started and over the years I’ve managed to solve those also for my clients and my clients with these sort of people and you see what’s happening there not only am i describing who I’m talking to so that resonates with the person who’s watching but I’m also explaining some of the problems so if that resonates with them by parallel logic are they going to be interested in the solution that I’ve got for them so para la jerk is basically if this is true then this is true so if this describes you then I know you’ll be interested in this that’s classic use of parallel logic in copywriting or in video creation with the content no there was a video that I created till about three or four years ago I think it was now it must be that long and it was ants I and inside Grand Central Station at Birmingham after it had just been completed and I used this video in order to promote a one-day event I was doing on how to write create and market informational products so rather than me just talk about this why do I show you the whole idea I’m talking about now in process I’m gonna edit it out one little bit which is the extra bit I’m gonna come back to right at the end of this video because it’s this little phrase that if you miss it out it makes the whole thing sound a bit silly but when you put it in it makes it work perfectly so let’s go and have a listen now to the video I did at Grand Central Station and by the way it was a really noisy environment I was wearing a clip-on tie clip mic rather than one that was a lot closer to me and then I clad the camera further away so there’s lots of background noise but still my voice is coming through clearly so let’s go and have a listen to this video now [Music] hello there my name’s Peter Thompson I’m delighted to welcome you to this short video and as you could see I’m here at Grand Central which is the reborn new Street Station where 750 million pounds has been spent and revamping this whole area creating an amazing shopping up complex this brilliant roof which you can see that I’m under and it just seems so right that we have this conversation here and here’s why I want to talk to you about three journeys your journey my journey and a possible journey that we take together an exciting journey you see when I started in what I call the helping industry the industry of coaches consultants speakers and trainers over 25 years ago I had three main problems and these are the same problems but all the coaches consultants speakers and trainers I’ve helped over the last 25 years said that they’ve had to and here they are I needed more client without spending a fortune in money which I didn’t have to get them I needed more cash and an even more time for both myself and my family and I cracked the code and here it is so there you can see exactly what I was talking about I described the three problems that I’d had at the start of my new career in the helping industry and said that these were the same problems that my clients had and therefore I went on in the video to say if you’ve got those same problems then come and spend a day with me and I can help you solve them now what about this extra little bit that’s the important bit that we need to put in again I’ve edited part of the video and so let me play that for you now and you can hear what happens when I talk about these problems it’s a little expression I use just at the end I have three main problems and these are the same problems that all the coaches consultants speakers and trainers I’ve helped over the last 25 years said that they’ve had to before they work with me there you’ve got it that is the expression before they worked with me if we don’t put that bit in it sounds like our clients have still got these problems even though they’ve been working with me so it need to be really careful if we’re gonna use this idea and when I started first in business the problems that I had was that I needed more cash I needed more clients I needed more time if it’s those three and you’ll know this by knowing the sort of people that you help and what their problems are and that was the same for my clients that I’ve been helping over the last 25 years before they worked with me so really important to put that back in there so I hope all of that has made sense for you that is the great way that we’re able to effectively gather in the six days process of selling remember it’s open gather present as Tony Alessandra said the famous bath speaker in America prescription before diagnosis is malpractice so we need to do the diagnosis first or in other words we need to do the gathering stage before we present our solution so we know what our problems are we know what our clients problems are we know how we’ve helped people in the past and that’s how we’re positioning using video because I hope you can take these ideas away and use them I certainly use them all of the time they’re really powerful that video has been really successful for me and so I wish you every success in all your adventures in life as you have freedom from anything you may have held you back and freedom to be doing have whatever you set your heart and mind upon if you’ve got any questions at all or any comments that put them down there let me know if I can help you in any way then there’s a an email address coming up across the screen there success at Peter Thompson comm and if there’s a variety of different things that you need help with let me put up one of my documents in my encompass service for you so you can see the sort of things that I’m able to help you with and you can always drop me an email and then one of my colleagues will arrange for me and you to have a conversation so I enjoy putting all of these together for you especially when I’ve got to add all sorts of bits and pieces please take them away and use them they really do work and I’ll see you on the next one goodbye for now thanks for watching subscribe and hit the notification bill for more videos then click to watch the next video remember to visit our website at Peter top Singh Kham and download your free copy of my latest book how to write your Christmas book in 5 days or less until next time every success

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