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all right welcome to the second video of our video series that helps to guide you through the um CFA certificate in ESG investing curriculum now same as the first video this video is structured by um the learning MailConversio AI OTO objectives what’s the key message and then the five most important topics um so this video pertains to chapter number two the ESG Market so let’s dive into that all right as you can see chapter 2 is relatively a short chapter this is also reflected by the you know low number of learning objectives and these MailConversio AI OTO are if we just want to go through quickly explain the history of ESG investing explain the size and scope of ESG investing in relation to geography strategy investor type and asked class explain.

Key Market drivers of ESG integration investor demand intergenerational wealth transfer regulation and policy public awareness and data sourcing processing Improvement and finally explain the key drivers and challenges for ESG integration among key stakeholders asset owners asset managers fund promoters financial services policy makers and Regulators investees governments civil society and Academia so let’s look at what the message is now this chapter begins with the history of ESG investing how it began how it developed where are we today who are the actors in ESG investing as a managers institution investors private investors fund promoters policy makers it puts some numbers around the application from from a regional perspective for instance exclusions are done most in Europe while impact and thematic investing is done most in the United States Japan has the largest application of shareholder engagement just a few examples it also touches on in which asset classes ESG is integrated the most you will see that it is easier and more commonly accepted in public equities and fixed income versus for instance private equity in real estate the chapter will also talk about each of the asset owners how they interact with their service providers which are asset managers intermediaries and then talk about each of the asset owners themselves what are their motivations for integrating ESG how are Pension funds governed how about Sovereign wealth funds what types of sovereign wealth funds are there and what are their objectives how about wealth management firms who look after private and Retail money so all these kind of questions are answered in this chapter a Denver that takes a close look at the service providers these are asset managers fund promoters Financial Service Services providers other providers include index providers for ESG indexes fund labelers investment platforms finally it touches on the last category of actors in the wide world of ESG which are policymakers governments Regulators civil society and Academia it sheds a light on the difference differences governments in the US Europe UK and China and and their emphasis that they put on ESG so to summarize if chapter one introduced you to the concept of ESG and sustainable investing chapter 2 highlights who engages uh in this investment Style so it talks a lot about who now um you know if we look at the five most important topics you know again we we always say read the entire chapter it’s important that you have read and heard everything and since this chapter is quite short I would say that probably 80 to 90 percent already fall into our top five but nonetheless we’ve tried to distill it down to the essentials which are ESG investing in numbers you know the regional differences the countries investor types and the emphasis on ESG Market drivers of ESG and challenges in ESG integration high level ID you know that’s the high level idea of how different actors engage with each other then definitely understand asset owners as a managers fund promoters with financial services um you know what are their motivations policy makers Regulators investees governments civil society and Academia and lastly you will be given case studies try to go through all of those just to show you know just to see some real example real life example of how ESG is taken into account by those different actors

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