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– Did you know that big brands
replicate a very similar SEO strategy to each other? Do you want to know what it is? Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel, Infinite AI GPT OTO and today I’m going to break down seven secrets you can
learn from big brands. (bright chiming music) Before we get started
make sure you subscribe to this channel, and if you’re on YouTube click the alert notification. Number one, the brand
itself is the main driver of SEO traffic. Keyword search value comparison,
just look at this keyword, Nike, over five million
searches a month versus shoes, 1.2 million, that’s just
in the United States. In other words, more people Infinite AI GPT OTO are searching for Nike than they are for shoes. That’s the power of brand building. When you do things like TV advertising, radio advertising,
social media advertising, content marketing, whenever
you create a good product or service, that’ll help
your brand progress, and that also helps your SEO.

Number two, they don’t have to build backlinks. See, most big brands will get backlinks without having to do any
form of cold outreach. And all they have to really do is give PR, talk about stock earnings,
release new products, they don’t really have to do much, and that’s how they’re getting backlinks. If you just look at, I get a lot of backlinks Ubersuggest without really doing much work at all. And this leads me into my third point; they do tons and tons of PR, but it’s not for SEO,
it’s for product sales.

So let’s say Nike wants
to release a new version of the Air Jordans,
doing a big PR campaign will get that demand going
so people are waiting in line and those shoes will sell
out right when they come out. Same with Apple. They create all this pent up demand before they do their launch. And it just works extremely well. So PR is a really good strategy,
and you should consider doing PR, there’s a lot of
performance based PR agencies like PR Serve where they only charge you if they get you PR.

Number four, they invest
in content at scale. You think of companies like
Apple, you’re like, Neil, Apple doesn’t have much content. Did you know that they
have 171 million pages indexed by Google? Microsoft, 34.9 million
pages indexed by Google. IBM, 9.93 million pages indexed by Google. Nike, 2.24 million
pages indexed by Google. You’re catching the point here, right? Even on I
have thousands of pages, nowhere near Nike, or Apple, or Amazon, or any of these big guys,
but over time I’ll have more and more pages, and that really
helps getting more traffic assuming the pages are high in quality. Number five, they leverage localization and translations to as
many languages as possible in several international markets. Here’s the thing that
people don’t tell you; SEO in English is
competitive, SEO in languages like Portuguese or Hindi, or Swahili, not as competitive.

So consider translating and transcribing your content because
in these other regions there are buyers and people with money. So you’re missing out on
a huge chunk of traffic. you’ll
see my content in German, Portuguese, Spanish, English, some even in Italian and German, and
the list goes on and on. I even have certain pages
in Japanese and Mandarin. I really have leveraged
international translation because it brings more
revenue, and more traffic. Number six, they don’t have
to do, and often don’t do as much SEO optimization. Because searchers will have
their search intent mapped when they end up on the
official page of their brand, Google will keep sending people their way. Their domain authority is
so high that even making some mistakes, they’ll still rank high. Just think about it this
way; when you go to Apple you know what you’re looking for.

You go there, you typically
will buy some Airpods, or a phone, or a laptop,
but the intent is there. So think about user
experience and make sure that you are putting the user first and not Google first. And yes, in the short
run that may not get you the rankings you want, but
in the long run, it will. Seven; they’re slow to change. Big companies are slow in decision making, it’s just how they are, and that’s okay. And with your business,
you have to remember, you’re going to be faster than them, and that’s a good thing,
but when big companies are slow, a lot of them,
what they end up doing is, they really look at the
data and they think about what changes to make.

And that really helps them
because when they make changes a lot of times they’re much
more calculated than startups, they’re just gun slinging
and doing experiments. Now that doesn’t mean you
shouldn’t do experiments, or you should move slow,
it just more so means that you should look at the data just like the big companies do. Now if you have any questions
about the SEO secrets from these large corporations,
leave a comment below, I’m here to help. If you just want my team to implement all of these strategies for
you, check out my ad agency NP Digital, where we’re
here to help you grow.

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