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Hi my name is Yoshi this is my cash video day review too ok let’s see Bloxi A.I OTO my account so this is my commission back office and now I have a total income of $45.6 and this is coming from uh send Bloxi A.I OTO.

Emails and when people open the email and click that link I’ll get paid at 10 cents per click quick join for free start sending emails and making money wah once you’re happy with that you can upgrade ok later so you can keep making money so that’s it Day 2 I’m just sending out emails and uh I got 45.6 already on my account let’s move on to quick the account is good so this is the main back office and I have to open a list of 6061 people when you join this you’re going to get 5000 add list in start well so you’ll get Over five thousand threads every time people open emails gradient from the first step and people open the email they’ll be added to your list of openings so you you can send emails and you can grow your list okay let’s go to that first step and I I’m going to show you how to send emails okay step one is fine I already opened the windows here okay let’s go down okay so please watch this video explaining how I can post uh emails but uh I’m going to show you how to do it in this video okay so let’s we go down so this is a written form of the explanation ok let’s get down uh uh this part here ok I have nice emails already so I’m going to add another one after this one until may 6 1st right I’m going to click on this part here I’m going to open the menu and click on go to next which You know the number here is all I’m recommending you just leave it as it is and just click ok and then just select one of the emails you agree just let’s pick number one okay there’s a lot of emails listed here okay more than a few hundred ok Let’s see here ok a lot but I just want to specify the email number one of this example ok you need to type your name here and then you can select uh send right now or you know the schedule so I’ll schedule this uh later then you can select the appropriate time and date for that in my case I’ll schedule it Here is the sixth day, uh, major sticks, and then me .

just pick some more hours ok ok and then click send this email to my list and then click here to confirm ok I need to pick another day ok uh let’s say 7th ok and click this submit ok now this new email will be inserted into the skill it takes It’s a while reload the site ok and you just don’t need to do anything just leave it like this wah it will update itself ok now as you can see here this one just uh I handed it over to email here ok let’s go down ok so let’s see the other dates Here so this is the signals now okay so this part here and now is fourth so this was sent .
The same thing as you can see here this part here is the open numbers are ok so those people who open emails ok 78 people uh 59 those people will be added to this part here ok so I’m building my list and quickly you can promote yourself the offers are also good so just uh The link uh changes your offers when you send via email and then you can send your offers clicks as well but uh if you choose uh the beautiful specific link you get 10 cents per click ok let’s now go to step two ok I actually open this here and this uh builds your subscribers .
Artist alright let’s go down okay again please watch this video here wah that ‘s the written version of how to do it okay and I’m going to show you how to do it this okay let’s go down that’s it uh date okay so it’s okay I’ll rst now okay right now let’s go down And I’m going to type 20 000 subscribers ok then next select again uh one of the emails ok I’m going to select this then type in my name and that’s it for now ok then click here to confirm foreign as you say successful you can see it uh runs right ok ok And now it says upward so I’m going to increase this uh subscriber list is good so that’s what you have to do do and keep sending emails and you want to see uh income in .
This committee section here ok and let’s see uh referral section here ok I now have 20 people on my team okay so um um when uh join my team I want to give you a bonus wah is the traffic guide okay so I’m using this free traffic method in order to build my team and it works from Yeah, yeah .
The company that I’m promoting oh well if you apply this method you can start building a team so I start doing it a couple of days ago ok now I have 20 people on my team oh well that’s how uh free traffic works so when you join my team you can get that way Free so I will send you email as soon as you join my team so you can get this free way of traffic so you can start building your team well if you want to earn easy money just send emails you can find link in descriptions video and you .
Can join and start monetizing right away and if you have any questions please contact me on facebook so this is my facebook account so you know please just message me so I ‘ll get back to you ok that’s it for this video ok my name is yoshi thanks on viewing and .
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