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hey YouTube and welcome to my channel my name
is JD Savage if you don’t know me I’m a six-figure affiliate marketer what I do I teach Ai Prodigy OTO
people to make money here on YouTube on my   channel imperfect millionaires specifically
as I said I’m an affiliate marketer so what I   do is I take specific Platforms in the affiliate Ai Prodigy OTO
marketing Arena I vet those platforms I make sure   I make money with those platforms and then what

I do is I build out a course on those platforms   and I don’t sell you the course I’m not a guru I
don’t pretend to be just a guy that makes money   here on YouTube then I put those platforms here
on YouTube and they are free to you you can see   exactly what I did to make money you can replicate
my results by taking the same actions so I think   that’s a little bit different than what you’re
used to seeing because I know most people tend   to sell you a course and I know that can be
frustrating because a lot of those courses   aren’t what they’re all cracked up to be and
you don’t know that until after you’ve spent   five ten fifteen thousand dollars there’s none of
that here you’re welcome to walk through all of   these this is a low ticket course this is a high
ticket course and you can see what they are before   you spend any money the only money you’re going
to spend will be on the actual tools that you   need on the platforms themselves okay all right
so feel free to check that out but what we’re   here to talk about today is I get a question
really really really really really frequently   so I’m going to address that with this video
people ask me every day all the time I talk   to hundreds of people a week what’s the
fastest way to five grand a month online   so that’s what we’re going to talk about
I’m going to tell you what I believe to be   the fastest way to five grand a month online and
then well beyond five grand a month online okay   so if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to
start I’m going to tell you right here this uh 10K   the 0 to 10K is phenomenal it’s a little platform
called HBA you can literally get started for as   little as 25 bucks a month for as much as 150
bucks a month but if you need to start with the 25   bucks a month do what I show you in here and you
will make money if you do what I show you in here   that’s been proven again and again and again and
again I’ll show you a student account right now   um that I have access to right here this is
the last 30 days May 16th to June 15th uh 15   641.60 is what this is at for the last 30 days
so obviously that’s well beyond five thousand   dollars I understand that this account took about
five months to build about five and a half months   now that it’s into it and it’s averaging around
15 grand a month and that will only continue to   go up from there because everything that I work
with tends to be residual income if you don’t   know what that means it just means you do the
work one time and you get paid again and again   and again for your effort now that being said what
built that was getting in front of people so the   fastest way to five grand a month is to take on
something that you want to work with and I tend   to work with services not products products have a
lot of problems a lot of issues a lot of returns I   tend to work with services and I tend to work with
services that are renewable Services okay so it’s   like a subscription people renew that every month
uh for example with HBA that amounts to a total of   either 20 a month which is 80 by the way they pay
you out 80 which is unheard of they pay you about   eighty percent uh and or if it’s that’s on the
25 so you get 20 of that for each subscription   and if it’s 150 then you get 20 of that okay so
you can see how that adds up really fast with HPA   premium in particular uh because you’ll get a lot
of notifications every month I guess a lot every   day that says oh hey so and so renewed that’s
100 towards your you know towards your wallet   and that’s what adds up and builds a residual
commission okay so the fastest way to do that and   I’m not going to go into all of the details I’m
just going to keep this video pretty brief and to   the point but it’s all in here guys I show you how
to create social accounts I show you how to create   short videos which I should mention at this point
in the video this juncture here come up here take   a look at this this 380 day challenge what that
means is jump up here to my Facebook group join   my private Facebook group and what we’re doing in
there is there’s a lot of nice people all working   together learning how to create short form content
learning how to get comfortable on camera being   able to turn on the camera and do this you know
I’ll show you how to create YouTube channels Tick   Tock channels uh Instagram Facebook pages all
of that stuff and how to actually monetize all   of those social media accounts as well okay and
that literally is free no it’s not enough sale   to something it’s very straightforward you come
in a lot of like I said a lot of nice people in   the Facebook group go see for yourself don’t take
my word for it everybody’s there supporting one   another in a community where they’re a little
uncomfortable maybe a little shy you know to   turn on the camera they’re not quite sure how
to go about it they’re not sure what they would   say those are all the things that we’re working on
okay so here’s what I’m trying to teach people I’m   trying to teach people self-reliance could I do it
for you maybe but not as effectively right and I   will mention that in this video that I am putting
together some things for the people that just no   matter what they’re just not going to do it but
everything I show you how to do with the exception   of mlgs emails is is literally free right and
here’s the best thing about all of this guys you   need to understand something yes you’re going
to put in some time energy and effort but I’m   showing you how to build an audience and an email
list that you will have forever so five thousand   dollars is just the tip of the iceberg right again
we’ll jump back over here clearly this one is is   almost at sixteen thousand dollars and it’ll be
probably eighteen thousand dollars in no time but   that was after five and a half months of pretty
continuous uh work right pretty continuous work   it was part-time work it wasn’t full-time work
so if you have a job and this is something you’re   trying to create yes the answer is yes you can do
it but here’s the thing you have to want to and   you got to be willing to face some of the things
that maybe might make you a little uncomfortable   that’s why I decided to do this 180 day challenge
over here and no it’s not too late you can jump   in at any point because that’s what we’re doing is
we’re going through and we’re talking about video   how to create video how to uh get comfortable with
it right and how to be effective and get your own   Groove build your own campaign right not so that
it’s not somebody else’s campaign so that you   feel like it’s yours and you feel confident doing
all right so if you want to know more about HBA   I’ll drop a link in the description at the end of
this video you’ll see a little uh thing pop up on   the screen and you can just click there and you
go over and you’re welcome to watch that entire   series and and see what I’m talking about but
ultimately what I’m here to do is I’m here to   show you how to build an audience I’m here to show
you how to get comfortable and confident as well   I will mention too if you’re unfamiliar with my
channel right down here this whole entire series   is all about uh mindset I think there’s like a
total of I don’t know 28 to 30 videos here now and   this is all about mindset if I haven’t mentioned
it before if you haven’t seen my channel before   then you wouldn’t know but I’ve been a mindset
coach and a Life Strategies coach for almost 30   years now I know quite a bit about mindset I know
quite a bit about what it is that gets in people’s   way when they’re trying to accomplish something
and they’re trying to change things in their life   right I’m very familiar with those things and
I can certainly help you with that if that’s   something that you want to help with all right so
again if you’re interested jump up here showing my   Facebook group come on in meet everybody we’ll
welcome you with open arms and we’ll get you   comfortable creating content because I know for a
lot of people that’s their thing like I don’t want   to create I don’t want to create content if that’s
true for you and it’s because you just don’t feel   confident to do it then it’s an excellent place
for you if it’s true for you and you’re just never   going to do it no matter what then maybe it’s not
the best place for you but I’m more than happy to   talk to you about it I also will mention that
my phone number is below all of my videos I’m a   pretty easy guy to get a hold of pretty easy going
guy and I’m out here to help people so if you like   this kind of content give me a like on this video
subscribe to the channel and tick the Bell icon so   that you’re notified when I create any new videos
which is pretty much daily these days I don’t miss   too many days okay so again JD Savage and perfect
millionaires is my business if you want to learn   affiliate marketing I can show you and you do not
need a guru and you do not need to pay somebody   five ten fifteen thousand dollars I will show
you for free I’ll see you guys in the next one

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