How To Start A Digital Marketing Agency For Beginners ($0-10k Per Month) Part 1

here’s how to start a digital marketing agency TubeRushr OTO
for beginners part TubeRushr OTO one using the same method I’m   about to show you I made over 3 500 yesterday with TubeRushr OTO
and you can see I’ve already made over thirteen   hundred dollars and it’s before 11AM step one

TubeRushr OTO Pro, SEO, FB and IG

TubeRushr OTO 1 to 5 OTOs’ Links Here + Upsell

we’re gonna go to step two we’re   going to come up here and click on find Realtors
then in the search bar you’re just going to type   in your city or any city in the country for that
matter and then come over here and click search   and has now pulled up pages and
pages of all of the realtors in Dallas and you   can actually see how many homes they have for
sale and how many total homes they’ve sold so   Frank and d right here they both look like high
performing agents so I’m just gonna grab their   phone number and shoot them a text all I’m going
to do is copy and paste a simple script and send   it over and then once you get a realtor saying yes
here’s how to automate everything so I actually   use software to automate this entire process so
all I do is come down here and click on Facebook   ads click on new campaign and I typically work
with mortgage brokers or real estate agents so   for this one I’m just going to click real estate
and then I have all these pre-built Facebook ad   templates all I have to do is just click I just
fill out some basic information click launch   campaign it’s integrated with the Facebook ads
manager and that’s it drop a comment below and   I’ll hook you up with this free step-by-step
course plus the automation software that I use

All OTO and Upsell


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