The Number 1 Hack to Collect More Emails

– The number one hack
to collect more emails. Have you ever heard of the saying that the money's in the list? The more emails you collect, the more revenue you will generate. Years and years ago when I
was starting out marketing, keep in mind, I've been
doing this for 21 years now, I met an individual named John Reese. He had this site back in
the day called and he had a fish tank that was so big, people would scuba dive into
his fish tank to clean it and this was in his house. Now when I talked to John, I'm
like, how'd you do so well, how'd you generate all this income, years and years ago when I was in Florida, he's like through email list.

It's your ATM. I'm like ATM? He's like, yeah, it's a digital ATM. If you need money, you just
send out an email blast. He's like, instead of
going to a physical ATM and putting in a card
and putting in your pin, all you do is just send out an email list and you generate income. And he's like, what's better about that versus a real ATM is he's like
when you go to the real ATM, you're actually taking from your savings. When you send out an email
blast, more money just comes in. So today I'm going to share with you the best way to collect emails because you need to build
up that digital ATM.

So what's this way, it's
called spin the wheel. Have you ever seen Wheel of Fortune? It's a TV show, super popular. Why, people love playing games. So why not add them to your site? Just look at this example here, you can add a spinning
wheel to the bottom left or right side of your website so when someone clicks, there will see a wheel
with a lot of things that they can win. And when they click on it
and they put in their name and email address to get that free spin, you will collect their email address. Just make sure that your
options on the wheel are amazing because if they aren't,
people won't spin the wheel. On some of my sites, I offer free consultations,
eBooks, courses, even free coaching calls with me. You're probably wondering
Neil, that's crazy, but here's the thing.

When you have tons of
options and a few of them are really amazing, people
will spin to try to win and it helps you generate a lot of emails. It's so effective for every
100 visitors you have. If your offers are great, you'll find that you'll click
2.3 to 3.8 unique emails and I say unique because
some people try putting in their email over and over
again, not really unique, to try to get multiple spins. Most software solutions like
Privy will try to stop that or what you'll find is
some people put in two, three of their own email addresses to try to win that lucrative free prize.

Oh, and if you're wondering
how to add this to your site, as I mentioned, you can
just use tools like Privy. There's a lot of other
solutions out there. I use a custom home grown
one and it works super well. Now keep in mind, if you collect an email from spin the wheel, it
won't convert as well as let's say someone comes to your website and fills out a lead form
saying, hey, I want consulting, but it still works.

My team has closed
multiple six figure deals from that spin the wheel. Now a lot of the leads won't convert, but still a portion of them do. So don't just use the spin the
wheel, try maybe lead forms or content blockers or content upgrades. You can even try things
like exit popups and quiz. Use a lot of different options,
but adding spin the wheel to your arsenal is a great
way to collect more emails. Now, if you have a lot of email addresses, but you're not generating that revenue like that digital ATM, check out my ad agency, NP Digital, where we help people generate more revenue from email marketing. If you have any questions,
leave a comment below.

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