Email marketing basics

Hello. Nowadays we are all bombarded
with product choices. If you want to stay top of mind
with your customers, try email marketing. Email marketing is a great addition to your other digital
marketing activities. Why? It builds customer loyalty and engagement
without breaking the bank. And, it works on mobile too. In this video we'll show you
how to develop a contact list and how to speak to different audiences
based on their interests. We'll also discuss how email marketing helps you build relationships
with customers. As with any type of marketing your first step in email marketing
should be to set goals. Do you want to use email
to showcase products and services and bring more visitors to your website? Do you want to use email
to drive business results like distributing a coupon
that brings in at least 10 sales.

No matter what your goals are, a good place to start
is by building a list of people who've expressed an interest
in your business. So, how do you find these people
and get their email addresses? A great place to start
is by asking them. Let's say you own a pet supply shop. When you chat with your customers offer to send them
discounts and special offers, if they provide an email address. If you have a website
you can include a form which encourages visitors
to subscribe online.

Keep in mind that people
must give you permission to send commercial email. And many countries have laws
that require consents. Great, now you've started
to build a list of people who want your emails. Let's think about other ways which email marketing can help
you achieve your business goals. Look, you don't want
to overwhelm your customers with too much content in one email
or too many emails in succession. Start with a friendly hello
and an introduction Next, you might send information about your shop and the product lines
that you sell. At this point you can ask
them one or two questions to narrow down their interest a bit. For example: you don't want
to send dog lovers cat food coupons. Then, when you have information
about your customers you can send them specific offers
or content they might find interesting. For example: if you know that
a group of these customers recently purchased dog food,
you might showcase your most popular toys,
collars and leads for dogs.

Be sure to include useful information
and relevant offers like tips for dog training
or a coupon for dog treats. While you're educating your customers
about your business, you can use marketing emails
to learn more about them as well. Ask your subscribers if they're interested in receiving updates
for other products or services. Then find out how often
they prefer to hear from you.

For example: do they want
to receive emails weekly or monthly. Record what you learn
in your email contact database for future email campaigns. How about people who have been
on your contact list for a long time. These loyal customers are really
important to your business. It's a good idea to build a positive
lasting relationship with them. So, how might you go about this. Well, people appreciate
when you anticipate their needs. Let's say certain customers
have ordered a flea and tick treatment through your website in the past. Summer is fast approaching and along
with hot weather comes tiny pests, that can harm your furry friends. So you put together an email with tips for keeping your house
and pets free of ticks and fleas. You might include an offer
for 20% off a pre season order of their preferred brand. Or, from time to time you might
send your loyal cat owners a small gallery with some of the funniest
cat videos on the Internet By making your content
entertaining and useful your subscribers will enjoy
and appreciate your emails and you'll likely remain
their go-to choice when they're ready to buy.

Finally, you can use email to request
feedback from your contacts about their shopping
and customer support experience and then respond directly to them. By knowing what went right
or what went wrong you can offer solutions to their issues or simply thank them
for being a customer. So that's it. Email marketing is a great way for you
to develop relationships with both potential and existing customers.

As you identify your different audiences
you can customize your communications based on their particular interests. By offering useful and engaging content
you can build loyalty over time. A strong customer base
will help your business grow. If you want to learn more
about email marketing, we've got lots coming up. We'll discuss the different
email marketing services and their specific features. We'll also show you
how to write an email that will connect with your customers..

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